This breeding is planned for 2018.  This is a repeat breeding from last year between Gunther and Venus.  The pups from the 2017 Litter have been award winning stellar young gun dogs.   We expect this mating will produce offspring with tons of natural ability, prey drive, intelligence, and stellar conformation while still being calm in a family home becoming a family member just as the previous litter has proven to be.  All of our dogs are raised in our home and get socialized from day one. 

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2017  Dual Performance Litter

This is one of those GREAT OOPS litter.  I had planned this litter for late next year, but Gunther and JUJU decided differently while I was recovering from open heart surgery.  However, I am thrilled with this breeding.  Puppies are due December 4th, 2017.  Christmas Puppies.  They will be stellar versatile gundogs with a nose and drive beyond compare.

2018 Planned Dual Performance Litter